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The ECOfield gives you a vast array of tools to take your idea or business online today! Maximize speed through rapid queries and less latency with SSD and/or Storage system, and a standard feature on all web hosting plans.



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5 GB
cPanel (admin site)
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Domain parking
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Ruby on Rails
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3 Webmail template
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Web hosting? You can save us! Why transfer a domain name to us?

When you move your domain(s) to ECOfield, you’re signing up for the low prices, great hosting service and stellar privacy protection that thousands of customers rely on. You’ll retain all remaining time on your domain’s registration, and in most cases, add another year. The domain’s registration process is risk-free for you and comes with our ECOfield money-back guarantee.


What all service pack contains

Domain regisztráció

Free domain registration

With web hosting plans from ECOfield you have the opportunity to get an absolutely free domain registration for life. Purchase and manage all of your domains in one easy-to-use a control panel. ECOfield even handles transfer and renewals automatically.

Profi email kiszolgálás

Spam and virus free email service

The mail system is operating several servers working in parallel, so the mail serving stable for several reasons. Web Hosting service packages related to each mailbox spam (SpamAssassin, ACL, Greylist, Black List) and checks virus protection for secure correspondence. Additionally, you can choose from several webmail interface.

Online ügyfélkapu

Client Area: Online interface to services

Transparent, easy handling admin area (cPanel) and handling of customer datas.

Domain regisztráció

Shared hosting

Shared hosting costs almost less than a domain! Get supercharged website hosting for under $10.33/first year and host even up to 3 websites.

Duplikált adattárolás, adatmentés

Duplicate data storage, daily, weekly, monthly backups.

Only high-quality, long-lasting SAS hard disks are used for storage. The use RAID technology provides additional protection during a possible hardware failure, Furthermore, if 5 daily, weekly set of 3, 2 monthly backups are stored on the backup server back to its current status. Security policies and ensure the protection of confidential information.

Domain regisztráció

Web Hosting virus, firewall and ftp protection

The malware, malicious programs are constantly evolving and new ones are created, many security precautions to protect our servers and of course, your website and your data is stored on our hosted storage. Professional firewall system intelligently detects and blocks intrusion attempts, Data stored on servers regularly monitored against viruses, all automated, our servers as well as special internal protection system (GRSEC) are also equipped.




Premium Hosting Packages

When using web hosting servers are housed operate much more power is available, even the smallest service package. For this reason, these service packages at a stored Web pages loaded faster, much more traffic can be served and annual availability is much higher as in the case of an average service, not to mention the increased level of services.

In addition, the Premium features highlighted, flexible, expert support and dedicated customer service manager is provided to you.

Premium packages on their websites, portals and web shop owners recommend those to whom it is important that their website is always present and do not want to operate their own server for quick access. If you need a Premium service, you should not delay taking the time to contact our customer service immediately and ask us for an offer.


* We believe that our hosting services we can provide to you excellent quality!
However, if you are not satisfied hosting services, but has been paid as an annual hosting fee, benefit from the money-back guarantee within 30 days of the order it and we will refund your payment without question!



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